Solid Fuel Stoves

As well as wood pellet stoves we also stock a wide-ranging selection of solid-fuel stoves from some of Ireland’sleading stove manufacturers and distributors.

Multi-fuel Stoves are available in both room heater only and central heating models ranging from 4Kw up to 30kw. These are ideally suited to burning smokeless coal. However, it’s also possible to use dry timber (less than 20% moisture content) or wood briquettes in all of them.

Both room heater and boiler models are available in a large selection of freestanding and built-in models, giving you a great range of freestanding, inset and cassette models to choose from.

Wood Burning Stoves are specifically designed to burn dry timber (less than 20% moisture content). Here you can choose from traditional or contemporary design in freestanding or cassette models.

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