Delivery Charge: All products are supplied on a pay and collect basis. A nominal charge will be applied to all deliveries.

Delivery: Goods will be delivered into a main entrance of the address agreed. When we are requested to carry or man-handle the goods up or down stairs or steps, manouver them through narrow passageways or into difficult to access places, we accept no liability for any damage to the goods being delivered or to your property, which may result from acceeding to your request. Items being collected by us under the free take-back scheme must be disconnected and ready for pick-up adjacent to a main entrance. We accept no liability for any damage which may result from complying with your request to remove free take-back items from any place other than inside a main entrance.

Delivery Times: At the time of purchase we’ll agree a delivery date with you. Because of the need to load and plan the delivery route, because of traffic and other unforeseeable delays we will be unable to give you an exact delivery time. However, we will phone you on the day of delivery or the evening before, if possible, and give you the expected delivery time.

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